Architecture & Retail

Architecture surveying services are a key market segment of our company. We have an extensive experience of working with and for architects in various projects. Our services offer support for various activities such as creating new buildings, refurbishment of existing ones or adaption of specific spaces.

Retail is the the flagship of our high-end services where we offer end-to-end services in store planning activities and assistance.

There are some specific services that can and will come in hand whether you are an architect or you are working with one for your project:

  • Topographic survey for existing or potential sites/locations
  • General topographic building measurement
    • High precision surveying of floor
    • High precision surveying of ceiling
    • High precision surveying of sections and elevations
    • Area measurement
  • 1:1 high precision AutoCad drawings
  • Intelligent data for various future use (BIM, planning etc.)
  • Assistance throughout the duration of the entire project