Civil engineering

Civil engineering topography is an essential branch for the application of construction projects on the field and is an integral part of the technological process and assembly. If topography deals with maps and plans, the engineering topography helps implement engineering plans, dealing with the drawing or spatial positioning of the points (s) of the engineering projects.
With the help of engineering topography, construction and construction sites can be easily monitored and checked over time, so you can accurately determine the displacements and deformations in plan and height, as well as the precision of execution of each element.

  • There are some specific services that can and will come in hand whether you are an architect or you are working with one for your project:
  • Plotting of parcels, constructions, industrial halls, elements of the road, which consist of landing with woodcutters, metallic pickets, witnesses to the boundaries of all the buildings subject to cadastral and topographic documentation.
  • Drawing/on site set-out of all elements of a building such as:
    •  excavations for precise excavations;
    • main axes for more precise positioning of different elements (such as prefabricated glass bead foundations);
    • supporting and verifying support pillars
    • metal carcass focusing
    • plotting the level castings for the casting of concrete slabs;
    • sewerage networks and positioning of ventilation holes;
    • diaphragms, walls of masonry to obtain the right surfaces for future spaces;
    • rooftop holes on the roof;
    • drawing the axes on the building for the location of the skylights;
    • time tracking of vertical and plane displacements of the terrain;
    • drawing of systematization elements (embankments, borders, etc.);
    • drawing and aligning facades;
    • drawing tile joints for large spaces;
    • tracing any element represented in the project.
    • Realisation of the topographic survey – measurement of the built elements in the field and then comparison with the initial design.
    • Draw the odds +/- 0.00. Quota ± 0.00 is the reference level at which all levels of a project are expressed.
    • Setting up the levelment network.
    • Setting up the support network
    • Longitudinal and transverse profiles in the design and construction of roads, bridges, highways.
    • Topographic verification of the correct execution of constructions of any nature, such as inspecting the location of the building and foundation cubicle, etc.
    • Carrying out volumetric calculations to determine the volume or capacity of a room or body.
    • The tracking of the evolution of the construction sites, as well as of the time behavior of the constructions;

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