Total Station

The Sokkia FX-101 Total Station with 1-second accuracy provides the advantage of on-board MAGNET Field, a cloud-based application software that enables surveyors to calculate precise measurements without using a data collector. As part of the Sokkia FX series, this highly-accurate reflectorless total station features high-end EDM, long-range Bluetooth and an advanced security and maintenance system. It also has an advanced angle encoder for stable and precise angle measurements. With USB port for easy file transfer, alphanumeric keyboard and touchscreen display, this optical instrument is the ideal choice for topographic surveying.

Sokkia’s exclusive RED-Tech EDM technology offers a tight beam signal and strong returns from dark or wet surfaces. This ultra-narrow EDM beam precisely measures walls, corners and through fence openings and tree branches in only .9 seconds.  In reflectorless mode, this survey total station measures up to 1,640 feet away and approximately 16,400 feet to a standard prism with an incredible 2mm+2ppm accuracy. In addition, its coaxial green or red guide light provides fast and accurate aiming.

For extremely reliable angle measurement, the Sokkia FX101 has groundbreaking Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS) technology that allows the instrument to adjust its own angle measurement system. A motion clamp and tangent screw are also integrated to ensure stable angle positions even when pressing the touchscreen and keyboard. This Sokkia total station also has an EDM trigger key that allows surveyors to easily and quickly get measurements with the push of a button.

Dual-axis compensation ensures accurate leveling even on rough terrain and a built-in laser plummet with 5 brightness levels allows for quick instrument setting in all lighting conditions.